Challoner and Friends Community Network

Challoner Parents Association

All Challoner parents are members of the Challoner Parents’ Association (CPA). The CPA is run by parents for parents to connect and support. 

Joining online enables parents to:
✓   News and updates from all CPA groups
✓ Preferential rates from many local businesses in our Business Network
✓  Access a growing number of charitable and social and clubs
✓ Invitation to CPA events

Joining a growing Community

Joining the CPA

All parents, as automatic members of the CPA, have the opportunity to join:
✓  The Challoner PTA
✓  The Parent Forum

CPA Events

Check out upcoming events for all Challoner parents.

The Challoner PTA

Keep up to date with and support the activities of the Challoner Parents and Teachers Association (PTA).

The Parent Forum

Details of the activities of the Parent Forum at Richard Challoner School.

Add Your Profile

Add your profile to the online member system to keep up to date with all CPA information and events.

Join Online Today

Join other parents with protected member profiles to connect and engage.

✓ Network search
✓ Private messaging
✓ Social groups
✓ Community groups
✓ Photo galleries
✓ Forums and discussions

Nice things To Know About the CPA

Questions And Answers

Yes. It does not cost a penny to set up a personal account online. Once set up the organiser of the club can message you easily and ensure you get all the news and updates in one place. It is also a great place for you to interact and message other members in the club.

This all depends on the club and the set up by the organiser. Some clubs will have affiliation fees and other overheads that are shared by all club members. More details on the club pages once you register/log in and find the appropriate group.

Not all members are past students or staff. The only criteria is that you have registered on the online portal and approved as a member of the community. Members of the community include:

  • Current and past students
  • Current and past staff
  • Current parents and supporters
  • Business Network members
  • Friends of Challoner (including friends and colleagues of any of the above categories)

Once you register / log in you will be able to find the club and connect with the organisers. Alternatively, please use the message box below.

Fantastic. You can either set up a new group once you have registered an account online on this website, or message us below with details. 

This depends on the club. Please contact the club organiser by logging into your account and contacting the organiser through the club group. Alternatively, please contact us using the message box below.

Message Us

Contact us if you have any questions at all about joining the Challoner Parents Association online.