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The Community Pavilion

Richard Challoner School is planning to have a new school pavilion constructed on the back fields of the school.
The cost of the project is £160,000. This amount will be made up from School funding, PTA donation and our fundraising efforts.

The Pavilion

The pavilion will be multi-use, with plans to create a unique space to serve our community. We very much want our new pavilion to be a fundamental part of the community for generations to come.

The Community Pavilion will incorporate a hall space with kitchen / bar area. The space will be used for the school, alumni and community groups.

The plans incorporate a modular design which will allow adjoining changing rooms to be added at a later date.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin£60,000Raised £20,225 towards the £60,000 target.£20,225Raised £20,225 towards the £60,000 target.34%

So far we have raised £20,225 towards our £60,000 target!
That’s 34% of the total!

1 How To Support
2 Who Will Benefit?
3 Fundraising Target
How To Support

How To Support

We would like to thank you for your continued support of our much loved school. We know that we are facing more tough times ahead but the vision for our school is one of community support and growth. How you can help:

  • Share information about our campaign with friends, family, and colleagues. Help us spread our reach.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and keep up-to-date with our events and campaign progress.
  • Donate to the campaign using the donate button below.
How To Support
Who Will Benefit?

Who Will Benefit?

The school - a hub for sporting fixtures, where students, parents and staff from different schools can engage pre and post match, supporting and building upon the school’s aims of enriching all students with a love of sport and physical activity that can last a lifetime.

Our alumni - a central base for our growing network to host activity afternoons and sporting fixtures. Two new alumni teams have been formed, and our new pavilion provides a home for their clubs.

The community - a hub for local community activity afternoons, providing a safe and comfortable space for meetings, activities and local community clubs.

Who Will Benefit?
Fundraising Target

Fundraising Target

Over the next 4 months, it is our aim to raise £60,000 to go towards this project, and we would love you to help us. There will be lots of ways in which our community will be able to join the campaign and hep us reach this target, but we understand that we are all experiencing unprecedented times and an unchartered future.  

Unprecedented times

We understand that trying to fundraise during this pandemic is, and will be, extremely challenging, and we are well aware that parents and friends of the Richard Challoner community have been directly effected by this virus in many ways. We therefore ask to only donate and support the campaign if you can.

Fundraising Target

Donor's Wall


Steve Chambers

£25.00 December 3, 2020

Great project and happy to support - The Chambers family


Simon Lewis-Head

£100.00 December 3, 2020

A great project for the sports at Richard Challoner
From all of the Lewis-Head family

Anonymous User


£25.00 December 2, 2020

Jessica Grante

£25.00 December 2, 2020

Best wishes from the Grante Hallidays


Delia and Graham Thomas

£25.00 December 2, 2020

Pleased to support this wonderful project.Delia and Graham Thomas. Thomas Starke's Granny and Grandpa.


Frances Starke

£25.00 December 1, 2020

Happy to support this wonderful school!


Katarzyna Kubiak

£25.00 December 1, 2020

Good luck!!!


Steven Reid

£250.00 December 1, 2020

Loved my time at the school and it played a huge part in my development both in Sport and Life.
Good Luck x

Anonymous User


£50.00 November 30, 2020

Nick Bauer

£25.00 November 30, 2020

Great project for the boys at Richard Challoner from the Bauer family


Henry Williams

£25.00 November 30, 2020

Chris Jenkins

£100.00 November 29, 2020

Good luck from the Jenkins family

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